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We are fundraising to create an inspiring community space, arts centre and music venue in the heart of London, where venues are under serious threat.


We are "being the change" that is needed to ensure that art is nurtured and not something that is simply for those who can afford it.  


Our arts centre will have exhibition spaces, workshop spaces, free WIFI, and an all inclusive environment for communities and groups to come together.  Our music venue will have an amazing stage, lighting, sound, greenroom facilities and a listening audience.   Our commitment to the artists we represent, is to offer full promotion on all of our shows and events and to offer genuine support for those who are really serious about making art and music a full-time career.  As well as guaranteeing a special atmosphere and a show they won't forget!


We are not a big business or brand.  We don't have a big corporate behind us.  We are just two people making it happen.  But we can't do it without your help.


Please check out our incentives.  If you have any ideas about other incentives we can offer, please do let us know.  Please offer whatever you can and share with your friends and family.


We are so grateful for all of your support, we could not do it without you.


All our love,


Hannah & Keiron


"I do not believe in art for a few, anymore than education for a few, or freedom for a few"  [William Morris]

Sound Lounge Events

The Sound Lounge is an award winning, independent music organisation which promotes the music of emerging and established artists from all over the UK.

The Sound Lounge are proud to work with a roster of award winning artists booking tours UK-wide. We host events and the official organiser of VannFest in Dorking, Surrey.  

Sound Lounge Sessions are filmed in interesting locations all over the country.  The sessions are full HD.  Valve condenser studio mics are used to capture a warm, rich sound.




Support us by clicking Donate or going to our Crowdfunding page here

Open hours:

tuesday 9:30am - 5pm

wednesday 9:30am - 5pm

thursday 9:30am - 11pm

friday 9:30am - 12pm

saturday 10am - 12pm

sunday 11am - 11pm

New website coming soon !